About Michael Morrow

Michael Morrow is a proud-to-be ex-Texan who lives in Colorado with his amazing wife, Julie, and their slew of children.  He is a conservative (though increasingly liberal) Christ follower who lives life abundantly in the amazing freedom discovered within the gracious boundaries established by the God of the Bible for all of our benefit.

Professionally, Michael embraces the role of financial strategist and life coach.  He enjoys serving family, friends, clients, strategic partners and other professional advisors.  Since 1992, Michael has served as a life insurance agent, investment advisor, financial planner, sales trainer and sales manager.  Since Michael understands the power of TEAM, he appreciates the network of competent professionals he continues to lean on for their wonderful wit and timely, sage advice.

Michael’s favorite forms of deeply-needed personal therapy include spending time with family and friends, writing, reading, research, having deep and meaningful conversations, cooking, playing basketball and enjoying the beauty of Colorado.

If you would like more information about Michael, you can check out his professional profile page or you can ask him yourself:

Professional Profile: www.LinkedIn.com/MichaelDMorrow

Mobile Phone: 719-424-5700

Email: michael@aspen-creek.net

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