The Disclaimer

LetzTalk FINANCES provides educational content regarding legal, tax, financial, insurance, mortgage and investment topics.  Nothing on LetzTalk FINANCES should be construed as specific legal, tax, financial, insurance, mortgage or investment advice for you (or for anyone else).  If anything you read on LetzTalk FINANCES results in an insatiable desire to implement changes to your current strategies or products, please consult with your professional advisor before making any changes.  If you take any action based solely on the information on LetzTalk FINANCES, you do so at your own risk, and the authors of LetzTalk FINANCES are not responsible for any possible positive or negative consequences of those actions or decisions.

If you do not have a professional advisor, or would like a second opinion regarding your situation, you may request our assistance in locating a professional advisor by emailing us at  We would be glad to help you locate a suitable (and hopefully competent) professional advisor who is licensed in your state.  We are professionally licensed and we have a network of additional professional advisors across the country in the various fields of law, financial planning, insurance, mortgages, investments and accounting.  Depending on which products or services you choose to implement, we may, or may not, be compensated. Since it is our objective to provide more value to our clients than what we are paid, we are more than happy to disclose when, and how much, we get paid–whenever you like.  Additionally, should you decide to implement the advice of any professional advisor for which we are not paid, you do so at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any possible positive or negative consequences of those actions or decisions.

We commit to do our very best in ensuring the information we post on LetzTalk FINANCES is accurate and current as of the time of the posting.  However, we make no warranty regarding the accuracy of the content of LetzTalk FINANCES posts or links.  The sometimes-frustrating reality for readers of LetzTalk FINANCES is that laws, strategies, services and products frequently change.  Therefore, please do not assume that information on LetzTalk FINANCES will be accurate or current at the time you may read LetzTalk FINANCES posts or links.

The opinions expressed in any post on LetzTalk FINANCES are the personal opinions of the writer.   If the writer of a post provides a link to content outside of LetzTalk FINANCES, the writer of the post is (obviously) not liable for any of the content on the third-party website.

Nevertheless, we wish you a pleasant journey as you navigate our meandering and mindful musings, and we thank you for your positive participation.


The bloggers of LetzTalk FINANCES who take their topics seriously, but not necessarily themselves

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