Recommendations of Michael

I want to personally thank everyone below for their gracious generosity.  Though my family, friends, colleagues and clients have experienced some “bumps in the road” as we have walked together, most have chosen the path of honor–and for that I am grateful.



Michael Morrow: Voted 2010 “Best of the Best” Financial Planner (click link to see certificate)

“When I think of Michael, the word “integrity” comes to mind. I was his executive assistant for over two years and can say that I never saw him compromise his integrity. As an employer, he always looked out for his people to see they were taken care of–even to his own detriment.  It was an honor and privilege to be at Morrow Financial Network, and I am thankful for a man who took time to know me and wanted to see me achieve all my potential.  Thanks, Michael. You made a difference in my life.”  Patti Caya, (214) 228-0707

“I’ve known Michael for more than 20 years; both on a personal and a professional level. There are very few people that have the combination of integrity, internal drive, principle-based leadership, expert knowledge, and tolerance for risk – who can consistently keep them simultaneously operating at very high levels over a long period of time. Michael is genuinely gifted. With over two decades of a proven track record, it’s easy for me to offer Michael one of the highest recommendations of any individual in my network.” Jeff Wimpy, Real Estate Broker, Cherry Creek Properties (303) 506-4052

“I have known Michael for over 15 years. One thing I can say is he is a man of the very highest integrity. He is a true professional. Besides being one of the smartest guys I know, he always puts his clients first.” Al Suarez, President, Al Suarez and Associates (954) 512-4920

“I have known Michael for over 5 years, and he is true friend and a brother in Christ.  Michael has the ability to take complicated concepts and simplify them in order to create epiphanies that lead to meaningful transformation.  After 25+ years in the financial services business, Michael is without a doubt the best trainer I have been trained by.  I attribute much of my success today to what I received from Michael in how my clients and I now view money management.  I will be forever grateful to Michael for his guidance.”  Pete West, Independent Financial Advisor, (918) 636-3657

“As I have known and followed Michael’s work over the years, I can tell you Michael is a great man of God who is also one of America’s top experts on financial reform, and his principles could change the world.” Tammy Kling, International Author (38 books), Humanitarian and Founder of The Homeless Writers Group (214) 914-8848

“Michael Morrow has a keen business sense that is innovative, insightful and creative. I was employed by Michael in Southlake, Texas, while recovering from a major personal setback in my life.  Learning from Michael gave me hope and encouragement to be bold with my future, which launched me into much of the success I am currently enjoying. I appreciate Michael’s unique approach to business and to life.” Ted Haggard, Pastor, St. James Church (719) 338-0079

“Michael is an expert in helping people build wealth, protect assets and minimize taxes. He has been a top performer in the insurance industry and has trained hundreds of active agents. Michael is a committed Christian and family man.” Kevin Guttman, Owner, Goodman Insurance Advisors (719) 646-3850

“It has been my pleasure to know and work with Michael Morrow. During my time working with him I became familiar with his exceptional interpersonal, financial analysis, and compassionate philosophy in helping people. Michael has an extraordinary work ethic and attention to detail to maintain clear focus to achieve outstanding results. His work habits exhibit great attention to detail and clear understanding of a wide range of subject matter. This, combined with his ideas, skills, creativity, flexibility, determination, and understanding allow him get things done even under the most challenging circumstances. Michael’s ability to draw deeply from his extensive experience and background, combined with his leadership and communication skills, allow him to search for solutions instead of problems. I am honored to know Michael and am looking forward to continuing our business and personal relationship into the future.” Ed King, Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams (719) 338-0317

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael over the last couple of years.  Michael is a very intelligent, compassionate and hard-working individual, and is a person who has integrity and the ability to do the right thing for his clients and associates. Some peoples talk about putting other people first–Michael lives his life thinking of other people first.  Michael’s very strong Christian and family commitments are on display in all he says and does. I highly recommend Michael in all aspects of personal and business financial planning.” Jim Sherman, Partner, Summit Investment Partners (719) 499-5588

“I have known Michael for years and he’s become like a twin brother to me.  I admire his love, hope, faith, perseverance, loyalty and servant’s heart.  He is a blessing to many.  I highly recommend him as a finance expert.” Bobby Stefanov, Founder, Compass Foundation

“Michael and I shared an office together and I enjoyed working with him. He is knowledgeable in his field and desires that everyone win in any transaction. He has a keen sense of detail, and appreciates those who do the heavy lifting and believes they should be rewarded accordingly. It would be a pleasure to work with him in the future and I believe anyone would find that the case as well. He is ethical, fair and honest – all traits that are in high demand today.” Tom Golden, VP Acquisitions, Compass Capital Investment Partners (719) 465-6234

“Michael was diligent and had an excellent knowledge of his product. He is extremely pleasant to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with Michael again in the near future.”  Dennis R. Lane, Senior Vice President of Sales, Integrated Asset Services (303) 870-9100

“Michael is very smart and knows his numbers; he is a hard worker and gets tasks accomplished in a timely fashion.”  Patrick Scheetz, Regional Executive Director, Nextage Realty International (719) 930-8133

“In an industry that demands impeccable performance we have returned to Michael for his ability to direct and complete financials with clear objectives. We welcome him into our business and advise others to do the same.” Dawn Brown, Partner, Kendell Brown and Associates (951) 246-7701

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